Device functions:
– Detection of magnetic properties in examined inks
– Examination of printing materials and elements
– Reading of invisible magnetic strokes and codes
– Investigation of shape, size and position of strokes
– Restoring data from damaged documents


Forensic service:
– examination of questioned documents and security papers;
– classification of ways to forge security papers and banknotes;
– restoration of data from damaged documents (reading inky and blurred texts with magnetic properties)

Banking: authenticity control of securities, banknotes

Customs control of security papers and banknotes
Presentation 7701 and 4197
Black & White
Colour (magnetization intensity pattern)


Main technical characteristics
Dimensions – 59 x 113 x 50 mm
Weight – 490 g
Viewing field – 14 x 18 mm
Image format options – 1024 х 1280, 512 х 640
Spatial resolution of the optical input system:
– Image size 1024 x 1280 ppi – 14 mkm
– Image size 512 x 640 ppi – 28 mkm
USB connection
Operating system – Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.
1. Magnetization of examined object by exciting external magnetic field
2. Magneto-optical visualization of stray fields using Faraday Effect
3. Transferring visualized image to PC
4. Processing of obtained images with special software, comparing and measuring dimensions of printed elements, their linear and amplitude characteristics
Distinctive features
– Examination in live mode
– Visualization of hard and soft magnetics
– Improved magnetization scheme and enhanced sensitivity
– Detachable magnetizer unit allows distinguishing magnetic inks by residual magnetization (hard and soft magnetics), as well as non destructive investigation of objects with hard magnetics (credit cards, metal protective threads, magnetic keys)
– Possibility of magnetic measurements (in tesla T)

Magnetic measurements (in tesla T)