Video Spectral Magnifiers Regula Model 4067

Magnifiers videospectral “Regula” model 4067

Ivestigation modes:
investigation in incident white and IR light under 20 degree angle;
investigation in oblique white and IR light under 80degree angle in two opposite directions;
digital photographing.

Brief design description and technical characteristics:
resolution from 7740 to 1354 dpi
view field from 4,2×3,5 to 24×18 mm;
USB 2.0 color camera size 1,3 mega pixels;
photographing speed with resolution 1280х1024 pixels up to 15 shots per second;
dimensions 207х50х66 mm;
weight 690 g.

Light sources:
white light 420-570 nm;
IR light 870 nm.