Video Spectral Comparator Model 4305M, 4305MH

Regula model 4305M/MH is the upgraded version of model 4305.
New features:

  • all light sources are LED (except UV 365, 313, 254)
  • additional light sources for examination of infrared luminescence;
  • more light filters;
  • built in RFID reader for verification of biometric data in new generation electronic documents;
  • USB 2.0 data transfer interface for easier connection to PC;
  • enhanced VideoScope software with new features: MRZ, RFID, 1D and 2D barcode reading
  • new video spectral magnifiers:
  • Regula model 4027 with anti-Stokes examination mode
  • Regula model 4197 with magnetic ink visualization mode (optionally).
Technical specification
General data 
Dimensions – 330x310x280 mm 
Weight – 8 kg 
Power supply – 12V DC (110/220V AC adapter) 

Manual on the front panel of the unit 
Via on-screen Graphical User Interface 

Format of examined documents: 
Up to 280 mm wide (length) of unrestricted length (width) 

CCD color camera parameters
Resolution – 430 TVL 
Spectral range – 360-1000 nm 
Optical zoom – x2 to x42 (on a standard 21” display monitor in VideoScope full screen mode) 
Digital zoom – 10x 
Viewing field – max 190×143 mm 
Video signal output – PAL, SVHS 

CCD camera light filter parameters: 
High-pass filter with threshold 420 nm 

Automatically changeable: 
Broadband pass filter 360-700 nm 
High-pass filter with threshold 700 nm 
High-pass filter with threshold 650 nm 
High-pass filter with threshold 600 nm 

Light sources

  • Workstation has 22 integrated light sources, of them 17 light sources work on LED
  • White – incident, transmitted with adjustable intensity, oblique from two sides, external spot light
  • Ultraviolet (incident) – 365 nm (6W lamp), 313 nm (6W lamp), 254 nm (6W lamp), 400 nm
  • Infrared – incident 870 nm and 950 nm, transmitted 870 nm with adjustable intensity, oblique 870 nm from two sides
  • High intensity – 450 nm, 470 nm, 505 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 700nm (only for 4305MH version)
  • Coaxial (for retro-reflective security feature visualization)
  • Transmitted UV 365 nm (only for 4305MH version)
  • Set of LED light sources (23 pcs) for Optical Variable Device (OVD) examination (only for 4305MH version)
  • High intensity infrared – 980 nm (for anti-Stokes security feature visualization) with magnifier Regula model 4027 
  • Magnetic ink visualization with magnifier Regula model 4197 (optionally)
Examples of document examination
Examination in different UV lights.

LED based light sources 
Built in RFID reader 
Enhanced VideoScope software 
USB 2.0 data transfer interface 
Interoperability with Regula databases of travel documents.