Mobile Laboratory consists of:
– Spectral Luminescence Magnifier Regula Model 4177
– Examination Table Regula Model 4167
– Compact Magnifier Regula Model 1019
– Notebook PC with preinstalled “VideoScope” software to process and archive captured images.
Spectral luminescence magnifier Regula Model 4177


Technical characteristics:
Dimensions – 94 x 59 x 52 mm;
Weight – 130 g;
Resolution – 2500 ppi;
Interface – USB 2.0.

Light sources:
– White;
– Infrared 940 nm and 870 nm;
– Ultraviolet – 365 nm.
– Green – 530 nm;
– High-intensity Infrared 980 nm for anti-Stokes feature;
– Oblique White coming from two sides separately and simultaneously;
– Infrared 870 nm coming from two sides separately and simultaneously.
Images captured with spectral luminescence magnifier model 4177 transferred to laptop PC for further procession, comparison and archival using “VideoScope” software, developed by Regula.
Examination Table Regula Model 4167



Light sources:
Transmitted White and Transmitted Infrared 870 nm.

Device enables examining security features in transmitted White or Infrared light including:
– watermarks;
– filigree;
– security stripes and threads;
– fibers integrated into paper;
– simultaneously printed elements, and others.
Compact Magnifier Regula Model 1019



This autonomous handheld device is designed for operative control of questioned documents.
Light and compact yet capable and durable.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions – 91 x 57 x 43 mm
Weight – 150 g
10-times magnification
Adjustable focus
Power supply from AAA-standard batteries or rechargeable batteries
Control of width and length of lines
Examination of documents in transmitted light
Light sources:
– White
– Ultraviolet 365 nm, 254 nm, 313 nm
– coaxial light to examine retroreflective protection (3M)
– visualize anti-Stokes protection.
Optionally Mobile Laboratory is supplied with databases of passports, IDs and travel documents, and/or driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates. Databases contain general data on documents as well as detailed description of their security features.
Databases are compatible and interoperable with “VideoScope” software allowing quick comparison of security features in questioned documents with their official samples from the database.