• Сonstruction and comparative analysis of magnetic patterns of examined documents
  • Сomparative examination of printing tools and material (detection of absence/presence of magnetic properties of dyes in examined objects)
  • Examination of magnetic printing elements (magnetic dyes, fibers, tapes, etc.)
  • Reading of invisible magnetic strokes and codes
  • Examination of damaged documents: reading of poured and stained texts applied with magnetic dyes
  • Estimate of magnetic induction distribution for magnetic dyes (7701M)




New unique technology:

MagReader is a unique technology which has no analogues in the world. It is used to visualize full magnetic

patterns of documents sized up to A3. The special feature of the technology: the document surface is scanned

with the help of the magnetic head, which has a sensitive element – a crystal film of bismuth-containing ferrite

garnet (magneto-optical crystal) cultivated on a special optical substrate. The physical operation principle of the

magnetic head is based on Faraday effect which consists in the capacity of a number of substances under the

influence of the magnetic field to rotate the polarization plane of light which passes through the magnetooptical

medium (Faraday rotation).



Application areas:

– Forensic science: authenticity verification, counterfeits and forgeries detection and their classification,

examination of damaged documents;

– Printing industry and banking: manufacture of protected documents, control of the quality technology of

magnetic patterns;

– Border and customs supervision: authenticity verification of documents with magnetic propertics.



Special features:

– Effective magnetization system and high sensitivity of the visualizer enable to examine magnetic materials with

a low level of leakage flux;

– Detachable magnetization system enables to differentiate security features made of soft and hard magnetic

materials (7701M);

– Specialized software enables to measure quickly and accurately images of the examined documents and

compare them with the sample.



Technical parameters:
– maximum size of examined document: 325×297 mm (A3+)
– spatial resolution, min. – 14 μм
– time of A4 document scanning – 6 min.
– interface: USB
– power consumption, max: 12V
– dimensions: 586x470x230 mm
– weight: 16 kg


Differences between 7701 and 7701M:

The model 7701M enables to carry out an additional comparative estimate of magnetic induction distribution for

magnetic dyes. The Magnetic measurements function of the model 7701M enables to obtain

a histogram of the normal component of magnetic induction Bn (in Tesla) for one frame and to calculate the

module of the magnetic flux Fluxn (in Weber) in this frame area, as well as to compare the distance (d) between

the histogram of the document and that of the sample. The comparison of the obtained parameters (Bn, Фn, d)

of the examined document and the sample enables to draw a conclusion on the authenticity of the examined

document and the wear or damage degree of the magnetic image.



The estimate of magnetic induction distribution for magnetic dyes of two authentic banknotes and one forged (7701M)



The fullsized image of a 50 EURO banknote in the visible range and its magnetic pattern.



The fullsized image of a 50 USD banknote in the visible range and its magnetic pattern.