LCF3 Performance

The LCF3 is built with world-class Olympus apochromatically corrected optics, providing crisp, aberration-free, high-resolution images. The macro bodies, with a 16:1 zoom ratio and built-in aperture diaphragms, provide the examiner with 14 matched magnification positions to choose from. The optics are parcentric and parfocal throughout the zoom range. Leeds’ technicians align all 14 of the click stop settings to assure that the magnification of the right and left zoom bodies are matched. This matching is completed using N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable standards and includes an ISO 17025 accredited Certificate of Calibration with each LCF3. Optional objectives are available to provide alternate magnification ranges and working distances for the examiners.

LCF3 performance3
Low profile stages help maintain an ergonomic viewing position and places the X and Y controls near the coarse and fine focus knobs. These mechanical stages and focus units are positioned to minimize repetitive hand-over-wrist motions. The stage mounts are placed on adjustable posts, allowing the stages to be removed from the work surface, to accommodate large samples.

LCF3 performance 1
The LCF3 optical bridge produces an erect, un-reversed image with a large 22mm field of view. Compared images can be viewed as 100% right, 100% left, and divided or overlapped into any ratio. The Leeds’ mask adjustor intuitively allows the examiner to manipulate the percentage of the right or left image being reviewed by sliding the adjustor right to left.

LCF3 performance4