Introducing ALIAS – the next generation in forensic ballistics

ALIAS is rewriting the rules on how firearm convictions are made.

Created by Michael Barrett, the pioneer who brought IBIS to firearms examiners and technicians in the early 90s, ALIAS leads the next generation in forensic ballistics analysis. 

ALIAS builds visually rich 3D cartridge case and bullet images, then provides powerful tools to analyze them using topographically sensitive colorization, and adjustable light source and axis orientation.

ALIAS image data is captured by the world’s finest Swiss-built, application-specific interferometer, then processed with a thoroughly modern 64-bit computing and application architecture that rapidly defines 3D data with patented software algorithms.

More than the technology is revolutionary. ALIAS is aggressively priced against competitive offerings. Moreover, five annual support cost options range from zero cost for law enforcement agencies with available IT resources, to platinum coverage that includes 24/7 support and two-hour response time.

Solve more crimes. Convict more criminals. Save more lives. Get the ALIAS advantage.