Regula model 8703 is the world’s first true high resolution full-page ePassport reader featuring 1040 DPI resolution and as well the world´s first full-page passport reader with a transmitted light table in the cover for acquiring high resolution images of watermarked pages of travel & ID documents. The images taken by Regula model 8703 enable automated document verification solutions for the first time to automatically match micro text and printed security background features of the data page of passports and other identity documents and deliver a high level of detail only known from bulky forensic inspection systems used at back-office operations.
A typical use of Regula model 8703 is as document verification scanner in a secondary inspection scenario. It is currently packaged in a suitcase with internal batteries and space for a communication unit for VSAT communications with additional support for a secured WLAN Hotspot, GPRS, VOIP, etc. communication channels, so that it can also be deployed in mobile checkpoints around the world.
Dedicated software feature enable an operator to either send complete images or only cropped areas of interests for manual inspection by a forensic expert to a dedicated workstation anywhere in the world, directly from the Inspection system.
Regula model 8703 works with Avalon´s VeriDoc solution to provide further automated checking of micro text and printed security background features.
Full-page document reader
Light sources
1. Visible (white) – LEDs
2. Infrared (870-880 +/- 10 nm) – LEDs
3. Ultraviolet (365 +/- 5 nm)– LEDs
4. Transmitted visible (white) – LEDs
5. Transmitted infrared (870-880 +/- 10 nm) – LEDs
View field: 126×84 mm
Resolution – 1040 dpi with a possibility to reduce resolution through camera settings to 400+ dpi
SDK with full functionality at 400+ dpi
Basic SDK functionality at 1040 dpi
Document presence sensor
Status indicator (one)
RFID reader
Pressing mechanism for MRZ area
Data transfer interface: USB 2.0 Hi-speed
Power supply: DC 12V, 2,5 A
Carry-on Suitcase
Dimension: 260x190x340 mm
Scanner fitted in carry-on suitcase
Space for Communication Unit for WLAN & VSAT connection
Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
Internal Power Supply for 8-12 hours independent use
Mount for Panasonic Toughbook
One additional USB port for connecting external devices
Regula 8703 Images (Datapage of Japanese Passport)
The first operational usage of Regula model 8703 is in a state-of-the-art secondary inspection scenario, where officers in the field can get high end document verification results and use the Inspection stations at the same time to involve the decision of a forensic expert from anywhere in the world, delivering the expert service where it is needed most via state of the art technology. It is a sensitive project, which we are not able to disclose any detail.
Regula model 8703 closes the gap between forensic examination stations and regular document inspection systems and enables authorities to provide expert advice & service to remote locations and therefore increasing security effectively while leveraging existing resources in remote locations for a high ROI.
Regula 8703 Images (Datapage of Japanese Passport)
Regula 8703 Images (fragments, zoom 1:1)
Watermark and security grid under transmitted light
Security fiber and microtext luminescent under UV light
Microtext under white light
Regula 8703 Images (fragments, zoom 1:1)
Microperforation in polycarbonate and paper under transmitted light
Microtext under white light
Passport Image Details
The cropped image below shows the micro text between the MRZ line in the German passport.
The micro text of the MRZ line can be clearly read and matched.
Note: MRZ lines of German passports are underlined by a micro text line, not readable by the human
eye and any full page passport reader on the market.