Compact Device Regula Model 1025

Device is designed for expert control of authenticity of documents and security papers and enables to:
– detect signs of main security features;
– examine documents in four ranges of UV light;
– visualize anti-Stokes and retro reflective protection;
– check the presence of holographic images;
– compare sizes of objects, control width of lines;
– examine documents in transmitted light.
Technical features:
Dimensions: 96x53x58 mm
Weight (without batteries), max: 0,15 kg
Power supply: 2 rechargeable batteries AAA (LR1) type.
Charging of batteries: via microUSB cable
Adjustable focus.
Light sources:
  • incident white
  • two oblique white
  • two white for visualization of OVDs/Kinegrams
  • four ultraviolet: 400nm, UV 365 nm, UV 313 nm, UV 254 nm
  • retro reflective
  • high intensity convertible IR 980 nm (anti-Stokes).
 Modification 1025.01 with measuring scale.