LSV Leeds Spectral Vision System

Introducing the Leeds Spectral Vision System (LSV), a multi-wavelength viewing and imaging device used to highlight bodily fluids, trace evidence, accelerants, explosives, and gunshot residue on various types of samples. The LSV is a uniquely robust device that provides functionality to the forensic laboratory as never before.

The LSV Advantage:

With its freely rotating gimble system, containing over 59” of horizontal reach and 46” of vertical height adjustment, the LSV has a massive reach and spread allowing it to effortlessly cover evidence tables.

LSV in the field:

As with all of Leeds products, the LSV has been designed with input directly from the forensic community to maximize the systems application and ease of operation for forensic scientists.

LSV Rollable Stand Extended

LSV Software Capabilities:

  • Gamma, Gain, white balance and exposure settings include lens and light control.
  • Standard measurement functions include 3-point circle, point-to-point, 2 point circle, and angles.
  • Saves to standard formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP for both single, and comparison images.
  • Metadata for all camera settings and software functions included with captured images.


  • Fast, sensitive, live HD color imaging camera
  • Up to 40 frames per second live refresh rate
  • 2.8 Mega-Pixel highly efficient Bayer-Mask color CCD camera with over 45%/59%/62% B/G/R quantum efficacy ratings
  • Camera is software-controlled with adaptive autobrightness/exposure control

Imaging Head Positioning:
• 59” of horizontal reach
• 40” of vertical adjustment 20” of which are motorized
• 360° horizontal arm orientation
• 280° head pitch
• 360° head roll
• 360° head yaw


  • Fully motorized optical zoom system with computer controlled zoom, focus, aperture, and front lens selection (Front lens diopters include +3.5, +2, and +1)
  • Wide field of views from ~1.0 inches to over 27.5” horizontal