The unit can be applied autonomously and as a part of software-hardware investigation set together with personal computer with the processor Pentium and operation system Windows 98.
The power supply of the unit is performed from the single – phase AC with voltage of 220V, frequency 50Hz.

Technical characteristics:

Size, not more then:
Measuring block: length 260mm; width 180mm; height 90mm;
Sensors block: length 560mm; width 270mm; height 310mm;

Measuring block 3,0kg.
Sensors block 20kg.
– Input power not more then 40Watt.
– Diapason of measured speeds 35…1250m/sec.
– Accuracy of speed measuring less then 1,5%.
– Interval between shots: not less then 1 sec.
– Time of continuos operation: 8 hours.
– Full operation time: not less then 500 hours.
– Average service: not less then 5 years.
– Average renewal time: not more then 1 hours.
– Operation temperature mode: -10C … 50C, humidity up to 95% without condensate.
– Warranty – 12 months.